The Z5S Ztar w/ 'log' neck!!!

The Z5S shown here, with added TCA and Ribbon control, is $2095. The base model Z5S in satin black and/or graphite is $1595. Hands down, the Starr Labs Ztar Z5S is the most affordable yet professional MIDI guitar on the market today. Ultra-fast and accurate string trigger technology allows for precision playing and ultimate control of your synthesizers and DAW's.
The Starr Labs Z5S with added TCA touch pads and Ribbon controller.
Ztars are the most accurate & fastest string trigger based MIDI guitars on the market.
Multiple user programmable controllers and triggers. 
Starr Labs string triggers & TCA pads: fast, precise, accurate expressive!
The Z5S Ztar with logarithmic neck, TCA pads, and Ribbon controller.  For the professional MIDI guitarists in all of us!

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