Ztar Time has arrived!

Finally the first episodes of Ztar Time are up on Youtube! Check them out, learn some basics, then suggest what other tips/tutorials you'd like to see. Thanks for watching!


Our flag-ship Ztar, the Z6S-XPA Ableton Live MIDI guitar....YEAH!!!

Here are some photos of our latest and greatest Ztar model, the Z6S-XPA. Check the spec. sheet on our website for the full feature set. Needless to say its chalk full of control capabilities geared towards composition and performance.


The Starr Labs Rock Controller... . .

Here are the first photos of our latest offering, the Starr Labs Rock Controller. Being the first professional MIDI guitar and gaming controller, the Rock Controller comes with the advanced MIDI control functionality you'll find in our Ztar series (6 Zero-latency velocity sensitive string-triggers, TCA touch pads, 21 fret logarithmic neck, multi-polyphony modes, tunings, mappable zones, chording system, etc...) as well as the ability to interact with all music based video games on all platforms on the market now and in the future (including music teaching software). Also comes with: Whammy bar, 5 way Mod knife switch, 4 way hat switch, MIDI USB i/o, pedal & volume port, 2 programmable buttons, compact size, graphite finish!


A slew of new videos... . .

StarrLabsZone has uploaded a few new videos of our latest products, the Z5S and Rock Controller, for your viewing / listening pleasure. The Z5S is available for pre-orders now!


Auto-chording on a Starr Labs Ztar Z6S-P

A quick demo video showcasing what a simple user-created chord mapping can sound / look like on a Starr Labs Ztar Z6S-P. Here we have a Cycle of 5ths ascending the fretboard. Major chords are on the E string, while relative minors on the A string. This function is not only applicable for aiding composition and writing, but also a strong performance feature as well.



Starr Labs has created StarrLabsZone, the official youtube channel dedicated to Ztar MIDI guitars and other Starr Labs MIDI controllers. In the StarrLabsZone you will find demos, interviews, tips and tricks, performances, and instructional videos that will help any musician explore the Starr Labs universe of sound. Below is a great vid of Jeff Meadows playing a Starr Labs Ztar Z7S showcasing the string triggers and fret tapping features.