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AirPower Wireless MIDI Transmitter/Receiver
Peter Kirn, over at his outstandingly informative blog, Create Digital Music, has featured a few of our instruments and MIDI technologies. His critique/review and consequent comments from blog readers are almost always critical and knowledgeable. Check out the post on the Starr Labs AirPower Wireless MIDI Solution...

...and our new ZS-XPApro model Ztars!
Z7S-XPA and Z6S-XPA pro model Ztars
Harvey Starr and the ZS-XPA pro model Ztars


Reintroducing the ZBass!

 Yes indeed, the ZBass is back! We here at the Starr Labs are making a limited quantity run of the ZBass MIDI bass guitar controller. The new ZBass MIDI bass guitar offers unsurpassed ultra high-speed MIDI control for today's bass players. The ZBass differs from other guitar synths in that it provides the industry's only glitch-free, 4-string x 24 fret touch-sensitive keyed-fingerboard; ideal for playing and controlling all aspects of synthesizers, samplers, sound modules, software, and DAWs. Having all of the features of Starr Labs professional line of Ztars, the ZBass will allow bass players to finally jump into the realm of creative MIDI control, and expanded performance capability! (Oh yeah, we forgot to mention the ZBass comes with a wood neck-stock!) Visit our site to order yours today!
  • 4 Velocity-sensitive String Triggers
  • 4-Way programmable Joysitck
  • Wood neck-stock
  • Unlimited string and finger board tunings
  • 32 Mappable Zones
  • Programmable Chording System
  • Arpeggiator
  • Sequencer
  • Volume Pedal Port
  • Sustain Pedal Port
  • MIDI and USB i/o
  • Power Supply


New Software Downloads @ Starrlabs.com!!!

Finally! Some new software available for download here! You'll find a Master Sysex file that allows you to reset your up-to-date Ztar to factory installed 'song' settings. We've also included a zip-file full of individual sysex files for you to pick and choose from. But what we're really excited about is our Ztar Ableton Live Demo Session pckg download. In it we give you our in-house demo .wavs and samples, sysex files for Ableton Live fingerboard layouts, and the actual .als file. Think of it as a template to use as a starting point from which you can modify and customize to your needs!
ZS-XPApros with Ableton Live color coded fingerboard and sysex layouts with .als optimization.


Our eBay Store

Hello and Happy 2011,
Wanted to let you know about our eBay store and some sales, in-stock items, and specials available to purchase within it:
Micro-Zone U-648